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Capturing the process and beauty of your Craft through photography

Photography has been a longstanding passion of mine, even before my journey led me into the world of Craft. In my earlier days, I found joy in capturing abstract architectural images, immersing myself in the play of shapes, forms, and intricate details.

Kate Bajic jeweller making in her studio

Makers in their studios

Makers in their studios is simply that, shots of you making at your bench or on a piece of machinery. Seeing your processes allows people insights into your processes. These are naturally shots capturing you working which is hard to do on your own.

Throughout my filmmaking journey, I've had the incredible opportunity to observe and document makers in their studios. The camera lens has allowed me to delve into their creative spaces, capturing moments of concentration, the intricate details of their work, and the dedication they put into each piece. This intimate exploration has been a constant source of fascination and has enriched my understanding of Craft and Making.

Abstract Product Shots

One thing I've always enjoyed is capturing abstract images. I'm drawn to shapes, angles and textures capturing them in an unusual way. They might not show the whole product but they are useful for backgrounds on websites and as intriging images that start conversations.

Close up shot of Hannah Gibsons glass piece

Drawing on my architectural photography background, I will expertly highlight the interplay of shape, form, and intricate details in each shot.

Close up shot of Justine Alisons ceramic pot

Detailed Product Shots

Detail shots of finished pieces or indeed the making process offer another view point to be used on social media or your website. They work well with overall shots of work to pick out points of interest, show texture or shape.

Whether it's capturing the delicacy of a handcrafted ceramic vessel, the precision of a finely carved piece of wood, or the vibrant interplay of colors in textile art, my photography will celebrate the unique character and beauty of your creations.

“I had a great afternoon in the studio with Richard, he was very open to ideas and listened to what I wanted from the session. I’m delighted with the images I received, they’re perfect for me to use to promote my jewellery business.”

Kate Bajic, Contemporary Art Jeweller


Customisable Photography Services for Your Craft:

  • 'Makers in their Studios': Capturing the essence of your creative process in action.

  • 'Abstract Product Shots': Showcasing the unique shapes, forms, and details of your creations.

  • 'Detailed Product Shots': Highlighting the intricate craftsmanship and fine details of your work.

Kate Bajic making in her studio

Photography Package

Customisable Photography Package Tailored to Your Craft



My Photography Package offers a tailored experience, allowing you to choose the specific types of images that best represent your craft. From capturing you in your studio to abstract or detailed shots of your work, I can cater to your unique vision.

Included in the package:

  • Free preliminary chat

  • Photography day in your studio

  • Editing of up to 40 images

Close up shot of Justine Allisons pot

3 Story Reel & Photography Package

The 3 Story Reel and Photography Package: Captivating combination of content.

Get the ultimate mix of content for your social media presence with my 3 Story Reel and Photography package. This dynamic offering combines captivating Story Reels with stunning photography to showcase different facets of your craft.


When it comes to photography, you have the freedom to choose the focus that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer images of yourself working in your studio or detailed and abstract shots of your work, I'll capture the essence of your craft.

Included in the package:

  • Free preliminary chat

  • Filming / Photography day in your studio

  • Post-production of 3 Story Reels and 30 Images

Please note that travel and accommodation expenses are not included in the package price. However, I am happy to discuss the logistics and provide you with the necessary information to make the process seamless.

Contact me for more information and to book your package.

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