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Rejuvenate and Connect with our Creatives Retreats

In collaboration with the talented Hayley Banks with 20 odd years of experience in the Craft sector, I am pleased to announce our Creatives Retreats, an opportunity for Makers and Creatives to embark on a journey of rejuvination, connection, and inspiration.

Picture of Richard Foot and Hayley Banks

We understand that the creative process can be intense and all encompassing. As Creatives ourselves, we recognise the importance of carving out time to recharge, refresh, and reconnect with like-minded individuals.

During the retreat, you'll have the opportunity to step away from your studio and engage in a variety of activities tailored to revitalise your creative energy. There are options from yoga or sound healing to nature walks and creative exercises. Our retreats are designed to spark new ideas, deepen your artistic practice, and provide a fresh perspective on your work.

Group shot of people on our last retreat near Cautley Waterfall

Beyond the workshops and activities, the retreats offer invaluable networking opportunities. Connect with fellow creatives, share stories, and forge lasting connections within a supportive and nurturing community. The power of collaboration and shared experiences can be transformative, igniting new ideas and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

At the heart of our Creatives Retreats is the belief that time spent away from the studio is just as vital as time spent creating. It is an opportunity to invest in yourself, to recharge your creative batteries, and to nourish your artistic soul.

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